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Terms of Service

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A) Liability

  1. Parts Row may assist in locating parts from suppliers, and arrange shipping.
  2. Parts Row can provide supplier information, and availability for the parts requested.
  3. Parts Row does not offer warranties on parts, or services that may be rendered by suppliers.
  4. Items acquired threw this service are warrantied by the supplier of the item, any additional coverage past that period will be set as a Pro-Rated amount threw us.
  5. Parts Row does not guarantee exact fit of parts that may be purchased threw suppliers, VIN numbers assist in part matching for fit.
  6. Parts Row is Not Responsible for any Labor Fees

B) Charges

  1. Parts Locator Group will only charge a locator fee, for each item purchased.
  2. Suppliers will charge credit card for the cost of the item, and shipping.
  3. There are no refunds on a locator charge once part has been, paid for, and delivered.
  4. If Parts Row is unable to locate available suppliers, the charges will be refunded.
  5. Shipping Charges Are Non-Refundable

C) Quotes

  1. Parts row may also provide a list of supplier availability and listed price.
  2. Quotes are based on Supplier Cost, Shipping, and our Locators Fee.
  3. Parts Row will deliver quotes within 1-24 Hours Typically.
  4. Parts Row does not guarantee condition, or mileage.
  5. Parts Row may provide additional quotes if results were not satisfactory, and there are additional available suppliers.

E) Shipping

  1. Typical Shipping Period is Between 3-14 Business Days.
  2. Parts Will Typically Ship Within 12-72 Hours of Placing Your Order.
  3. It May Take Longer to Ship Due To Supplier Availability, or other Issues.

D) Concerns and Reservations

  1. Parts Row may be able to assist if issues occur between consumers and suppliers.
  2. Parts Row reserves the right not to provide services, or withhold information regarding a suppliers inventory.
  3. Violations of Site Terms, or Terms of Service by consumers, suppliers, or businesses may cause blacklisting.
  4. No resell, Remarketing, or use of Parts Row material is allowed without prior authorization from a manager.
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