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1)              All Parts Row proprietary information, including but not limited to, designs, templates, techniques, marketing strategies, images, formulas, plans, algorithms, program devices, methods, and verbiage, are the Intellectual Property, and Trade Secrets of Parts Row. All rights are reserved under State, and Federal Law, any violations maybe scene as Trademark, and Patent Pending Infringement, or theft of intellectual property / trade secrets.

2)              The Contents of this site are not to be accessed, used, or duplicated without prior written consent from the owner, nor shall information be distributed, used, misappropriated, publicly published, or made accessible by any means. The information collected from this site, and methods used, are confidential, and the proprietary intellectual property, and trade secrets, of the site owner.

3)                 Regular clandestine testing of site, and infrastructure will be done publicly and in private, to insure against security, confidentiality breaches, as well as Industrial / Economic Espionage by potential adversaries.

4)                There shall be no dissemination, use, made accessible of, proprietary information, and trade secrets.

5)                  Any and All derogatory statements made, suggested, or influenced, that result in actual or potential  loss, whether but not limited to, suppliers, clients, potential clients, made or shared publicly or in private, that compromise security, may be scene as defamation, deprivation, or effort to sabotage.

6)                 The information derives independent economic value, actual or potential, from not being generally known to, and not being readily ascertainable through proper means by, the public.

7)                  Including but not limited to all forms and types of financial, business, scientific, technical, economic, or engineering information, including patterns, plans, compilations, program devices, formulas, designs, prototypes, methods, techniques, processes, procedures, programs, or codes, whether tangible or intangible, and whether or how stored, compiled, or memorialized physically, electronically, graphically, photographically, or in writing.

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